A Tentative Title

27 May

I think we’ve got a title! We’re looking at Minnesota Lunch: The Eleven Sandwiches That Tell the Story of the State.

For those wondering how things are going, the team is close to turning in its rough-draft manuscript, more or less on target. We’ve driven all over the state, eaten dozens if not hundreds of individual sandwiches (a count is forthcoming), interviewed cooks, church volunteers, barbers, bar owners, professors, authors, and many others, snapping photos as we’ve traveled. I’m excited about the book’s progress, exhausted by the effort thus far, and really looking forward to moving the project toward publication.

Also, we’ll start posting some tidbits here as they pop up. For now, a teaser photo taken while illustrating our chapter on the hot dago sandwich:  Pasquale “Pat” Stebe of Dusty’s in Northeast and one of his house “dagos.” (We apologize for the politically incorrect language and assure you that we explore the etymology as thoroughly as we tackle the gastronomy.)

Becca Dilley / Minnesota Lunch

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