We’re Seeking Stories

19 Jan

James Norton, co-author of the Master Cheesemakers of Wisconsin and editor of the Heavy Table, has been engaged by the Minnesota Historical Society to write a book about the state’s gastronomic and cultural history. In tandem with a team writers and photographers including his wife, Becca Dilley (co-author of Master Cheesemakers of Wisconsin), Norton hopes to use food history and gastronomy as a door to talk about broader topics.

The book will take a look at immigration and culture through the lens of a variety of sandwiches with meaningful Minnesota connections. They include the jucy lucy, porketta, the pasty, the torta, the fried walleye sandwich, the banh mi, the sambusa, the hot dago, the meatloaf sandwich, the beef commercial, the Scandinavian open-faced sandwich and one or two others.

Norton is seeking information on recipes (particularly heirloom and/or church recipes with stories behind them), cultural and historical connections between the sandwiches and state history, and current masters of sandwich making — the best places to order and eat the sandwiches described in the book.

If you’ve got a story that might fit this book — or you’re a restaurant with a tradition that’s relevant — please get in touch. You can contact the author at jrnorton@gmail.com.

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